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A true sensory experience


Offering new specific programmes – stress management, age prevention, ultimate rose pregnancy retreat, the Spa is a haven of peace, of resourcing and discovery.


Each treatment is designed to create a true sensory experience and a deep connection between the individual, the therapist and the elements. The holistic use of all-natural ingredients further nourishes the body and the mind.

Club Paradisio, club all inclusive
The Paradisio Spa unveils an innovative spa menu in partnership with Aromatherapy Associates and ila, two brands using organic and natural products.



Spa Club Paradisio invites you to embark on a unique sensorial experience that will completely fulfill your expectations and desires…Let yourself be carried away by our spa treatments and rituals that are the product of an established expertise in beauty and wellbeing.


Our spa treatments offer elements of fitness, stress management, detox and mood enhancement as well as more traditional spa and beauty treatments.To enjoy spa treatments for two, we invite you to contact the spa reception

Club Paradisio, club all inclusive
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